Experience the essence of resort-golfing in Guam
Onward Talofofo Golf Club
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Course Guide

Talofofo golf course was designed by 9 legendary PGA players – including Sam Snead and Ben Hogan – with each golfer taking responsibility for the design of two holes. Later, Onward Group renovated it to a wonderful dream course; it was reborn, with Island Green No.5, in December 2006.
Enjoy dramatic play throughout this Onward Talofofo Golf Club designed for you by professional golfers.

Out Course

The flat and American-style out-course, with tropical flowers and island greens reflected on the surface of the waters, makes for a wholly enjoyable resort-golfing experience.

Tournament Tee(BLACK)5261743825253451794184443733366
Back Tee(BLUE)4831683765123341723804263623213
Regular Tee(WHITE)4591603414913201563663973433033
Ladies’ Tee(RED)4451062754322531043222952972529

In Course

Against a background of grand virgin forest, the in-course, which makes the best use of the surrounding geographical features, is a section where players enjoy strategic challenges.

Tournament Tee(BLACK)59338030834820338720636554633366702
Back Tee(BLUE)56635730334219734618336153531906403
Regular Tee(WHITE)54533928233716333016734050230056038
Ladies’ Tee(RED)47331324427813727015125340525245053

Yardage Markers

Each hole has yardage markers planted in the ground, measured from the teeing ground to the center of the green.
The remaining distances from the green to the fairway are marked with round plate markers and the rough is marked with distance markers in the shape of latte stones.
Red-100 yards, White-150 yards, Blue-200 yards

Driving Golf Cart

Only persons with a valid driver’s license will be permitted to operate a golf cart, within the area of a golf cart lane.
Golf carts must only be used on golf cart lanes. Please do not ride them off-lane.
Please operate the golf cart safely – reduce speed while going downhill and while driving after rain.

Course Designers

Designers who designed and supervised originally in 1992:

NO.1、NO.18Sam Snead82 career wins on PGA TOUR including 7 majors.
1st on all-time list.
NO.9、NO.10Ben Hogan64 career wins on PGA TOUR including 9 majors.
3rd on all-time list.
NO.3、NO.16Gene Sarazen39 career wins on PGA TOUR including 7 majors.
10th on all-time list.
NO.6、NO.12Gene Littler29 career wins on PGA TOUR including 1 major.
NO.4、NO.15Billy Casper51 career wins on PGA TOUR including 3 majors.
7th on all-time list.
NO.2、NO.17Chi Chi Rodriguez8 career wins on PGA TOUR
NO.5, NO.14
NO.5、NO.14Doug Ford19 career wins on PGA TOUR including 2 majors.
NO.8, NO.11
NO.8、NO.11Bob Toski5 career wins on PGA TOUR
NO.7、NO.13Orville Moody1969 US Open winner.
11 career wins on SENIOR PGA TOUR.

Designer who supervised the improvements work on 2006:
[SUMITOMO MITSUI CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD] Mr. TAKAO OKADA (Japanese Society of Golf Course Architects)
The entire course including NO.5 Island green has been improved to be more beautiful and strategic, whilst keeping the designs of PGA professional players.